The two sessions I had with Laura were frikin’ amazing! I’m now feel wide open to new possibilities! She made me feel so safe. I’d been putting off having some hard conversations with work colleagues but rang them after our sessions and ended up having the best conversations! It was so good. I feel like a different person. I’m still buzzing! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Laura is an amazing kinesiologist. She’s helped me move through major fears that I was stuck in around my future and relationships. She created and held a safe space for me to address difficult topics I have struggled to address with other therapists. I highly recommend Laura for anyone seeking healing and personal growth.

Grace Mclean

I’ve had lots of Kinesiology over the years and Laura is my favourite practitioner. She has a very intuitive approach that always finds its way to the root of the issue. I feel safe and loved in her prese’nce to open up to the vulnerability needed to really heal. Her sessions always have a profoundly healing result.

Courtney Prosser

I had a severe hernia/displaced disk that the Doctors said I needed surgery on as that was the quickest way to cure it. After 6 Kinesiology sessions with Laura, I didn’t need the surgery! Kinesiology works on a very deep level that it can made big and important changes. The session were perfect for me and I’m very grateful to have found you.

David Rodrigues

I’ve suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for years. My sessions for improved vitality have been amazing. They have given me the courage to face a life changing situation head on without letting fear overcome me. I’ve been able to stand up for myself and to move forward towards a wonderfully positive future. These sessions also brought up my desire for spiritual fulfillment. Without realising it, I had been neglecting this aspect of my life for the past two decades, and it was causing me emotional pain. Slowly, I am getting back on track to remembering who I am and putting small actionable tasks in place until I get back there and continue to grow. Thank you so much!

Sandy James

In the last year I had several kinesiology sessions with Laura, both for emotional and physical issues, and every time at the end of the session, not only I found immediate relief but also a better knowledge of myself, my body and my emotions. Laura is a very caring and gifted therapist and has an innate ability to tune into the patient without judgment or expectations, making it extremely easy and safe for me to “let her in” and find answers. Laura’s empathy and genuine desire to help others make her an exceptional listener. She has skillfully guided me through the process of bringing some of my deepest emotions into the light, where they were reintegrated and embraced. I am totally grateful for every kinesiology session I had with Laura and absolutely amazed about the long lasting results of Laura’s therapy. Thank you

Laura Watkins

I first saw Laura on 23 May 2023 , being new to kinesiology I was not sure what to expect . But Laura soon put me at ease , she is thorough and professional , not to mention fabulous ! I have had monthly appointments with Laura and am very pleased with the treatment and progress we have made . Laura has helped me with issues from my past which I wasn’t even aware of , in a gentle , understanding and non judgmental manner . I highly recommend her to anyone willing to try alternative methods of healing , mind , body and soul ! Thank you Laura you are awesome 💜

Brenda Cascaes

I am so grateful to have worked with Laura Tolli my kinesiology therapist, she has changed my life. She has assisted me to find greater love, happiness, abundance, peace and wellbeing within myself over the course of several sessions together.

Her techniques have provided instant release of emotional blockages to allow me to find balance and calm, and restore my body and mind to a peaceful state. 

Laura is highly committed to helping people transform and become the best version of themselves. She is patient and wise, an inspirational and empowered healer I highly admire. I recommend her services to anyone seeking to find a deeper connection with the self for ultimate wellbeing. 



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