About me

Hi there, I’m Ellie O’Collins, the force behind Virtual Planet Studios. I’m not just a tech enthusiast; I’m a creator, a strategic thinker, and a perpetual learner. 

Grad Diploma Management, Sydney University

Masters of Business and Technology,University of New South Wales

Masters of IT Research,Charles Sturt University 

Small Business Diploma,RMIT University

Companies I have worked for:

HP, Insight, Trend Micro, VeriSign, Praxa, IBM, Canon

My journey is marked by a commitment to learning. A Master’s in Business and Technology from UNSW and a Masters in IT by Research from Charles Sturt University form the backbone of my academic exploration. It’s about merging business insights with cutting-edge tech—creating a unique blend.

In the professional arena, I’ve worn many hats—project management, account handling, IT security, and digital marketing strategy. I’ve steered projects worth up to $10 million working in corporate IT roles, showcasing a knack for navigating the complexities of the digital realm.

Beyond the tech world, you’ll find me enjoying the outdoors with my dog Max, losing myself in the magic of cinema, and exploring the beach. I’m not just interested in tech; I’m passionate about it. Building apps, diving into augmented reality, and staying on top of AI trends—it’s not just work; it’s a lifestyle. And with ongoing educational pursuits, like my Graduate Diploma in Management from Sydney Unversity, there are exciting chapters yet to unfold. Let’s connect.

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